FBS Commercial Capital offers the best and most flexible DSCR product on the market today. Rates starting at 3.5%*. FICO scores 620+. LTV Max at 85%. Fixed, ARM and Interest-only loans all are available. And the best part on the interest-only product – the DSCR is calculated on IO. Better terms, easier qualification and a simple process you can trust.

• DSCR Rates Starting At 3.5% for Loan Amounts Up To $2M
• Credit Scores As Low As 620
• Fixed, ARM, Interest-Only – All Available
• LTV Max At 85%
• DSCR Calculated on IO When You Choose the Interest Only Option
• Single-Family, 1-4 units, Condos, Townhomes
• LLC’s, Corporations and LP’s Only
• Financing for Both Long-Term & Short-Term (Vacation) Rentals Available

Rates, terms and conditions offered apply only to qualified borrowers in accordance with our guidelines at the time of application, property factors and geography are subject to change at any time without notice. This is a non-binding expression of interest and does not create any legally binding commitment or obligation on the part of Freedom Business Solutions LLC dba FBS Commercial Capital or its affiliates and are subject to our credit, legal and investment approval process. 

Flexible Terms

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No Income,
No Assets.

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Financing Residential

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Ground Up Construction

Demand for SFR rentals is strong and growing, as more than 70 million millennials get married and start families; and nearly 70 million baby boomers retire and downsize their spending.
If you have ever financed your own residence, then the process of financing an SFR rental will feel familiar. However, there are some important differences and FBS Commercial Capital is here to help you understand. Contact us now!